The Grungegogglers Mess
Publisher : TSK Group LLC
Adventures in Land Far Away continue, when one of its smaller dwellers stumbles onto a very... big... mess.

The Piskaphluph bird is playing by herself in the Great Lake of Silvery Moon when she sees a plume of black smoke rising where the big blue and silver Greeger trees should be. Being of an inquiring mind, she sets off to find out  what’s going on on the other side of the lake.

What she finds is not fun at all… but needs to be dealt with. So the Piskaphluph Bird decides to help.

The Story Behind This Book
The stories are told in simple rhymes and many of the names that I’ve made up for the creatures, while they look difficult to pronounce, they’re easy to break down into phonetics in the same way that the children are taught to read at school. I am the first person to admit that my rhyme schemes are not the most polished, but to entertain and teach a child, they don’t have to be. The important part is the story. This story was written with my son's help. He was completely disgusted by the damage being done to the world, especially the rainforest, so we came up with a story to tackle the subject...


Mandy Ward
Mandy thought she was a Teacher, until Life pointed out to her that she is actually a writer. As her Cats, Kids and Partner approved, she decided to agree with Life. Currently she More...
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