Special Educational Needs: Getting Started With Statements

ABOUT Tania Tirraoro

Tania Tirraoro
Tania Tirraoro is the founder of the award-winning site, Special Needs Jungle. She has written three books - two women's fiction novels and a book aimed at helping parents get the special educational needs help their child may need.┬áTania was born in Wales and raise More...



Realising your child has special educational needs is stressful for any parent. Getting them the help they require can be a long, drawn-out, frustrating and expensive process. In the UK, the system of getting a statement of special educational needs is complicated for anyone to negotiate. This parent-to-parent book, written by the creator of the Special Needs Jungle website, Tania Tirraoro, tells parents what to do, how and when to do it in an easy to follow step-by-step approach. It includes real examples of successful applications for statutory assessment and placements so parents can see the evidence they need to prove their child's case. "I only wish that I when I was going through the statementing process striving to get John Paul the right education, speech therapy and respite for the family that I had read this book." Maria Hutchings, SEN Campaigner
Amazon review: "Quite simply, if you have a child with special educational needs, then you really should read this book.
Out there is a myriad of at the best confusing and at the worst poor parental advice - some of which is given out by professional teaching staff (including some SENCo's) who come into contact with your SEN child.
Tania's book talks about direct experiences (hers and those of other parents), is a quick and easy read and clearly spells out the step by step process YOU need to take to get YOUR child the correct support and help they need.
If I had read this book four years ago, I would have appealed the LEA's decision not to give my son a Statutory Assessment.
Now having read it, I realise that decision was wrong, but that it is not too late. I now feel empowered and have the confidence to have another go at getting my son the help he needs."