Banana skins on the table.
Publisher : JTT Publishing
Banana skins on the table is a look at the world through the diary entries of Nathan, a man who's not happy with life. He decides to take action, change his attitude towards life and work harder for complete contentment. Nathan begins by adjusting basic elements in his daily routine, upsetting people at work as much as possible and asking himself important life questions. It doesn't all run smoothly though and soon, Nathan's behaviour has become more erratic. What had at first seemed like a good idea, changes his life for the worse. Nathan continues his search for contentment and just as his luck seems to be changing, he is involved in a terrible accident, leading to one final twist in his life that even he couldn't have imagined.


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Jason Ellis
UK author.
Currently working on the 'Amelia Maylock' series (teen fantasy), the 'Mouldy Maggot Mansion' books, and my latest, 'Breed of Love.'
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