SUBLIME ADOPTION, a Tale of Love and Mendacity

SUBLIME ADOPTION, a Tale of Love and Mendacity


I have been a  visual artist for years.  At first, realism was my preference; however, other styles were adopted later such as abstracts and animal comics, usually painted in series.  One group
of such paintings caught my attention since the set of drawings seemed to tell a story. More...



The theme of this general fiction novel will vastly appeal to a mixed-age range, starting with young adults. Although true love and romance may appear to be the crux of this story, they blend well with other divergent topics, mainly the complex realities of adoption. The latter, typically a taboo subject for most people, brings unsurmountable sadness to the giving birth parents as opposed to the infinite joy conferred upon the child-receiving ones and, surprisingly, to the adopted children. The five chapters in one way or another, stem from the drama of a once twisted life ultimately yearning for redemption and a tortured soul trying to emerge from an unfulfilled life. In the end, surprising revelations will open the path to forbearance and new beginnings for all.