Publisher : Jeffrey Kosh
Rome. 1503 AD.
Pope Alexander VI sits on the See of Peter. 
And inside a dreary tower, Cardinal Lodovico Strigidi, statesman of the Church and powerful necromancer, delves deep into arcane knowledge. He is keeper of obscure secrets, esoteric mysteries, and shadow lord of the Holy Seat. Nonetheless, for all his power, he is going to spend the night in fear, because a messenger of the netherworld will pay him a visit. Alone and terror-stricken, Cardinal Strigidi must face the only creature he dreads the most.
The owl.
From Jeffrey Kosh’s twisted mind comes this visionary tale of literary horror.
It includes an extract from REVENANT.

The Story Behind This Book
I was just visited by it. The image of this powerful reinassance cardinal terrified by an owl kept playing inside my mind for over a month. Had to write it.


Jeffrey Kosh
"Jeffrey Kosh has a sensitive and educated way with words. I expect this writer to go far and to do great work. It makes me happy to watch his literary growth. The man can wri More...
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