Women of God You're Gonna Make It

Women of God You're Gonna Make It
Publisher : www.newbookpublishing.com/womenofGod

A book of encouragement for all women that will inspire, unlift, and encourage you to walk into your destiny.  You can make it and You shall make It.

The Story Behind This Book
Had issues going on in my life unlike the woman with the issue of blood, yet they were issues. One day El Shaddai who is more than enough inspired me to write this book. The one whose grace and mercy took me through all my issues and is still taking me through. One day he said, I have heard you cry and the battle is not yours,but the Lord's......

Myra Pearson
Myra  is an ordained minister with a Doctor of Christian Philosophy and Pastor of Jehovah Jireh Outreach ( A Church Beyond the Walls) and a teacher of children with Special Needs. More...
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