Wooing The Fates
Publisher : D. W. Hardin

A newly minted homicide detective, John Drake, is assigned to investigate a seemingly unsolvable murder. His investigation is hindered by an internal power struggle inside his department and by the FBI. He discovers the murder is intertwined with foreign espionage with national security issues. Other murders are committed using the same modus operandi leaving Drake and his partner, Ken Wilson, to untangle the knot. Are the murders the work of a serial killer? Are the murders the work of a foreign nation eliminating liabilities? Drake has to navigate the internal and external politics to solve the murder regardless of the potentially harmful ramifications to his career.

The Story Behind This Book
An investigation of the murder of a call girl leads Detective John Drake into murky water. Conflict with his upper command and another law enforcement agency complicates and hinders the investigation. National security and international consideration enters into the investigation. A second murder is committed using the same modus operandi. Is this the beginning of a serial killer with international ties? It is up to John Drake and his partner, Ken Wilson, to navigate the politics and solve the murder. What will be the ramifications if they solve the murder?

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Douglas Hardin
D.W. Hardin has experience in the field of law enforcement and as registered nurse.  He draws upon his prior experience to write. In a joint decision, his wife, Carmen, and he dec More...