Grave Clothes: A Novel About the Death of Lazarus
Publisher : Kingdom Life Purpose Publishing
A strange thing happened at the tomb of Lazarus when he died for the last time. Amidst the cast of characters who have come to Bethany to join his funeral procession, are two mysterious figures whose notoriety is as big as that of Lazarus. One is now the adult daughter of Jairus a ruler of a synagogue in Capernaum; the other is the son of the now deceased widow of Nain. The three have never exchanged a word, but they are united by the odd circumstance that they were all brought back from the dead by Jesus of Nazareth. These surviving two, however, have come to the tomb of Lazarus for a purpose other than just his burial. One holds a secret about the burial shroud of Lazarus. The other holds a secret about the burial shroud of Jesus. In the end, all involved will discover that the value of grave clothes is not just in the cloth. All of the town of Bethany, including the Sanhedrin, is caught in the intrigue of the thorny rumors surrounding the demise of Lazarus.

The Story Behind This Book
That we can live our lives with so much to be grateful and thankful for, but still walk around in grave clothes.


Elaine Penn
Elaine Rose Penn is the author of two successful books, “Soul Ties: Holy and Unholy,” and “My Soul Looks Back and Wonders: the Call of God on a Woman’s Life.” Her newest More...
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