Love is Alive


By James Josue

Publisher : Outskirtspress

ABOUT James Josue

James Josue
Born in Haiti, on January 3, 1990, James Josue did not wait long to craft artistic writings that have distinguished themselves from others. He is a guitar player, a song writer and a poet. He has written many poems and songs for his local churches. He loves languages, music, and Haitian More...


Do you want to have fun? Do you want to feel alive? Do you want to embrace your sun? Then, read on! “Love is Alive” offers you love, life and fun. The poems walk you through life and romantic love. In the end, you feel alive because that love burns inside of you. If you love romance, this is your chance to dance, every day, in romance. A caress here, one kiss there, James put them together to give you love in poetry. There are plenty of books, but only one tells with captivating words how love looks. To entice your beloved, you need hooks. Get them here!