Songs of Galangal
Publisher : Inkspokes Media LLC

    SONGS OF GALANGAL is a collection of poems by New England storyteller and poet Nelson Suit.  One of the poems in the collection “Scarfed in Satin” was a prize-winning poem previously published in the Connecticut River Review, the official journal of The Connecticut Poetry Society.  The remaining poems are being published here for the first time.


    You may think of these poems as love poems.  But they are also more than that.  “I think of them as poems in flight,” Suit says.  The poems are not logical; they revolve around an absence – something missing and longed for.  Meshed among images captured from islands off the South China Sea are songs of sadness, hope, absence, but mostly seeking.  They are laced with tropical thunder, pounding summer rain, the spice of galangal.


    The collection is comprised of eleven poems and five photographs.

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