Bren Woodard's Hatred, With A Passion
Publisher : Injected Ink Productions

Bren Woodard had taken her share of beatings as a child in the privacy of what others called her home. Then as a teen she put up with having kids push her around, while most put vulgar statements toward her last name.

Now in her late twenties she had taken to one of those very names, Woody, and paid great attention to all who had hurt her. Bren found her love for handmade, wooden weapons from the very yard stick that was used on her as a child by her abusive father, to the things she now carried concealed to protect herself.

Little did anyone know that she had sharpened that very yard stick and planted it into her father’s chest when she was a mere seventeen, making others believe that in a drunken stupor, he had fallen upon it.

None had reason to question her….


Robin Renee Ray
Robin is one hardcore, down to earth author, but more importantly, a very “Proud” mother of one amazing daughter, one unbelievable son in law…and two of the most rockin grand More...