If Only I Could Fly, said Mattie-bee

Children's Books

By Karen Rice

Publisher : PublishAmerica

If Only I Could Fly, said Mattie-bee

ABOUT Karen Rice

Karen Rice
I'm a two time cancer survivor, whose experience has made her willing and able to share her story with others who may be about to embark on such a journey. I was born in Houston, Texas, I was the seventh child growing up in a very large family. Even with so many around, I always found a  More...



This book consists of a young imaginary character, who wishes for the whole world to come together in making it a better place to live, for us all. From the beginning of realization of her life, she becomes very curious concerning the ways of life; and how people react to different life experiences. Throughout the story she dreams of helping and fixing all the people that are broken; so that everyone would be happy and get along. She becomes fascinated with flying creatures, wishing to be like them. Throughout the story, she works on obtaining wings like the creatures, where she would go about the world, taking frowns away from many faces. It becomes her mission, all the way to the end.

I wrote this book to give inspiration to children; to let them know that the world we live in could become a better one, if we all just get alone. That everything within it, is not bad.

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