Working for Heat - Volume II
The second book of the Working for Heat series. This is a collection of short-stories, centered around the working world, depicted in a exaggerated and satirical way. Bizarre characters, surreal events that, unfortunately, affect most of us on our day to day work.

Praise and Reviews
"The Crowning jewel of this epic and hilarious book is the final, brief, short story "This is Not an Epilogue". Don't let the title fool you. This is one kick-ass story. (...). This one story alone is worth twice the purchase price of this book.
It's even funnier than the first book which I also recommend. I had tears of laughter in my eyes when I read this book. I highly recommend it." - Amazon reviewer, David L. Dostaler


Donovan Sotam
I'm Portuguese humor writer that thinks he's british. Author of Working for Heat series. Loves nonsense and britcom. Proud Geek. Follow me @DSotam.