The Practice Room

The Practice Room
Publisher : Wasteland Press
There's always been a mystery overshadowing Zoey Browne's life. And then one day, she discovers that she has the ability to travel back in time through the power of music. Before long, Zoey embarks upon a magical journey to uncover the secrets of her past and winds up discovering things about herself she never believed were possible.

Praise and Reviews
What a fabulous concept for a book - time travel, music, adventure, and a little bit of mystery. The Practice Room is perfect for preteens/young teens and anyone who likes a good, well-written story that's fun to read. I love the way Zeidler weaves in some bits of history and musical concepts as part of a exciting story about time travel and the influence that music - or anything that we may be passionate about - has on our lives.

Susan Zeidler
Novelist/journalist. Author of two books, The Practice Room and Flying Through Music. Correspondent for Reuters covering legal and entertainment.
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