Admiral Poindexter has a serious problem and only his friend's son can help. If the wrong people discover that he has asked for help, someone he loved would die—quickly, horribly. Snuffed out like a candle.

Press, Rachel and Trace do what they can. It soon becomes obvious to Press that he's going to need the help of his own best friend since childhood—Lieutenant Commander James Harticutt, Navy SEAL Team 6.

None of them could know then that a matter of weeks would have made a disastrous difference in the outcome of their search for an undercover CIA agent somewhere in the Middle East. 

The Story Behind This Book
Press's help is requested by an old family friend. He cannot nor would he consider saying no. So, it's off to Afghanistan to see if he can stop a disaster from happening. This story is in honor of the dozen Navy SEALS lost in the August 2011 missile strike on a U.S. helicopter.

Praise and Reviews
stars-5-0._V192240867_.gif ANOTHER ONE THAT SCORES February 16, 2012
Another good book featuring Preston Andrews. I really enjoy these books alot (seven of them so far). This one traveled to Kabul as well as the US. We also learn more about Press' past life.


Raleigh artist, Linda Rae Blair was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. As Mt. St. Helens was erupting, she and her family were in the process of moving to Seattle, Washington. More...