Genesis Rejuvenated
This ground-breaking translation project begins with the oldest complete manuscript of the ancient scripture that has survived into modern times - the Leningrad Codex. provides laypeople with a unique set of translation tools that they can use to read the Word, word-for-word, along with detailed historical annotations that they can use to understand the original ideas.

According to a recent Gallup Poll, 32% of Americans believe that the Bible is literally true, but, less than 1% of us has actually read a verbatim translation, says Bill Jemas, 360ie s CEO. This is not for lack of trying. Americans are voracious Bible readers: nearly 90% of American households own at least one Bible and the average household owns four. With annual Bible sales at a staggering 25,000,000 books per year, the Bible is not only the best selling book of all time, but also America s best selling book every year.

We all read what other people say the Bible says, believing that we are getting a verbatim translation, Jemas added, but, once you read the ancient scripture for yourself, you won t believe that any more but, hopefully, you will gain new insights into the Bible.

"I saw a beautiful vision of God, a way to reconcile Creationism and Evolutionism, and a blueprint for how the human race can transform the earth into a place that's very good for all of us, for our children and for our fellow creatures.

What will you see?"

Bill Jemas
Former President and Publisher of Marvel Entertainment, Bill Jemas wrote 2 of the world's best selling graphic novels, "Ultimate Spider-Man Vol.1" and "Origin", More...