Brett Enters the Square Circle
Publisher : Createspace
Where in the world is Stacey Ashton? 
Stacey herself told her employer that she was leaving for Philadelphia on personal business. 
But Melanie Foster suspects that the girl has run off to Florida with her husband instead. 
Enter private detective and self-proclaimed unscrupulous bastard Brett Cornell who attempts to discover Stacey's true whereabouts, only to learn that she may actually have been murdered -- and that the murder took place a lot closer to home. 
In this fifth Brett Cornell detective novel set in the late 1980s, Brett finds himself pitted against a group of particularly deceitful and unpredictable characters. 
And at the same time, he is about to imperil those stunning Adonis-like features of his when he enters the boxing arena in a major bout that may very well turn out to be a life-changing experience for him.


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David DAguanno
I am a retired English teacher who got hooked on detective novels when I was an adolescent. Later on, I began writing my own detective novels, completing nine of them and all of th More...
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