Scarlet River
Publisher : Black Rose Writing


He grinded his teeth as blood trickled down his front.


“Stop! Please!”

“R…” The killer continued digging the knife deeper. “A…”

“Have mercy!” he cried.

“That won’t do.”


The Paradise Killer looked at him as though it was obvious. “Because I was designed to kill.”

Logan Vern’s life just got simple; and he couldn’t hate it more. After defusing bombs, attaining nearly every girl’s affection, and being a top spy, Logan must detach himself from the glamour and high speed chases and move home where his parents are always fighting and his childhood sweetheart is engaged to be married. But when the infamous Paradise Killer comes back and starts killing people from his past, Logan obtains the excitement he desperately craves; but at a terrible price.


Megan Dietz
When people who know me first hear about "Scarlet River," they wonder how a funny, down-to-earth gal such as myself decided to write a book about serial killers. Althou More...