For the Sake of Amelia III Retribution
Publisher : Valerie Bowen

Life for Amelia has changed significantly with the help of her loving husband Kyle.

Unexpected news from deep within the Kansas prison walls has disrupted the Talbot’s lives once again.

With the eminent release of Amelia’s ex-husband Ray, and his vendetta, the Talbot's are forced to do something drastic.

An unexpected change of events has caused Amelia’s life to change yet again. Will Kyle be capable of handling the emotional strain when a handsome man from Amelia’s past relocates to Camden?

A simple phone call changes Amelia’s life forever. Will she be able to accept the information that has been hidden from her for years?


The Story Behind This Book
To open the eyes of people about abuse and realize with the help of friends and strangers there is a way to free yourself.

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Valerie Bowen
Single mother of two grown children. Author of For the Sake of Amelia series. I am a full time designer and am currently workin in a small engineering firm.
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