From the Outside In
Publisher : Rathsi Publishing Company

A five year old is brutally murdered. Her mother, a social worker, is found culpable but is not the primary killer. The people responsible for her protection have ultimately failed her. The media doesn't have the whole story, but someone else does. She is looking From the Outside In.


The Story Behind This Book
This is a story I lived from beginning to the bitter end. It is not for the feign of heart. It is not sensationalized because it doesn't have to be. The truth is sensational enough. Friendships will be fractured, lies will be exposed and deadly secrets will be revealed.

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Praise and Reviews
You can't judge a book by it's cover! April 9, 2012
By TeeTyme
This was my first read of Ms. Deidra D.S. Green, and I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed and finished it must faster than I wanted to, but that's just how anxious I was to find out, "what happened next". From the very beginning, it pulled me in and would NOT let me go until I did finish it. Her descriptive explanation, placed you right at the scene, as if it was unfolding before your very eyes. It sent me searching on the internet to find out even more.... While I look forward to her next murder mystery, I truly hope it is just a work of "fiction!". Kudos to Ms. Green for having the courage to even put pen to paper and allow us up close and personal in this story.

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