The South Will Rise Again
Publisher : Jeffrey Kosh
Broken by the gurgling sound of the agonizing.
A lonely soldier awakes on the battlefield. Only death surrounds him and his fog-laden mind.
Is he the only survivor of a past carnage? Or are there other unfortunate souls?
He wants to move, yet he can’t. He wants to scream, but he cannot.
But he must. And soon. Because a predatory figure moves among the rests of what were once living men.
Jeffrey Kosh invites you to witness the struggle of a desperate soldier, forced to fight a fate worse than death, in this short tale of poetic horror.
Includes a long excerpt from the anthology “Spirits and Thought Forms: Tales from Prosperity Glades”. 


Jeffrey Kosh
"Jeffrey Kosh has a sensitive and educated way with words. I expect this writer to go far and to do great work. It makes me happy to watch his literary growth. The man can wri More...
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