Succes Becomes You Goal Achievement Workbook: Exercises, Self-tests and Winning Strategies to Help You Achieve LIfe and Career Goals
A single mother of two children is hired by Marriott Hotels as a housekeeper. Over the next ten years, she successfully navigates the company’s corporate terrain and becomes an award-winning leader and General Manager.

In the Success Becomes You Goal Achievement Workbook, award-winning business leader Jackie Capers-Brown helps readers close the achievement gap between “where they are” and “where they want to be” relevant to goals they desire to achieve in life.

From her wealth of experience having come up through the trenches as an entry-level employee to middle-management and business leader, she understands the daily challenges faced by individuals seeking ways to prepare and position themselves to experience success in life and work.

With this inside knowledge, she is also aware that challenges can become great opportunities for creating success in life with the proper habits, tools and strategies. The Success Becomes You Goal Achievement Workbook provides a practical step-by-step guide that empowers readers to take inspired action that elevates the effectiveness of their execution of plans and increase their level of accomplishments in life.


Jackie Capers-Brown
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