Violet and the Missing Laptop
Publisher : CreateSpace
When her little sister's laptop goes missing, ten-year-old Violet becomes obsessed with finding the thief. She puts her classmates on super-secret watch and spies on them after school. But as her list of suspects dwindles, Violet becomes desperate. Will her wild accusations cost her a friend?

The Story Behind This Book
I wrote this middle-grade book with the help of my granddaughters, aged seven and ten. They created the characters and plotted the entire book during our brainstorming sessions. I wrote the actual words, but they were changed many times by the girls' editing. It's truly their book. When the story was right, they illustrated it, and we published with Create Space under the pen name R.A.P. Smolen (Roxanne, Aurora, and Persephone Smolen.) It was quite a learning experience for all of us.


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