It’s 1942. Joe is representative of many young American men of his generation: America and its Allies are at war with the Germans and the Japanese, and this New Hampshire teenager wants to be in the thick of it.


Joe got his wish in the spring of 1944. 


In Code Name Sonny, a first novel by author Ken Pottie the writer takes readers on a thrilling journey, zigzagging back and forth between Sonny’s World War II experiences and Jack’s modern day investigation into his dad’s war service, as the latter tries to unravel mysteries by tying together pieces of historical recollection with current news stories.   


When the past and the present collide, Jack realizes too late the danger lurking close to home.



The Story Behind This Book
A true story of my dad's experiences behind enemy lines during WWII delivering radios for Patton's fake invasion of Pas de Calais

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Praise and Reviews

"The book, an engrossing spy thriller, masterfully interweaves past and present with the story of “Sonny” who idealistically joins up in 1944, the experiences he encounters and the fictional story of Sonny’s son Jack who discovers surprises and pursuers from his father’s past almost too late to save himself and his family." - By Stacy Trevenon; Half Moon Bay Review.   

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