Space pirate Aston West just escaped death at the pair of psychotic twin brothers, only to take refuge in a war zone. Fighting alongside his friend Rione Sc’lari, he hopes to help the underdog rebels gain the upper hand against their government. Trouble is, his friendship blossoms into a love that he can’t let happen, or risk watching Rione die just like the last woman he had feelings for.

The Torian government puts out a contract on them both, driving the two into hiding and bringing them even closer. As the noose tightens, he must find a way to save Rione and himself from the brink of destruction. Their only chance rests on a plan to end the war, a plot fashioned solely from bloodlust and vengeance. Aston must come to terms with his past and decide how far he’s willing to go, both with his love for Rione and a desire for revenge.

The Story Behind This Book
Continuing the Aston West series where FRIENDS IN DEED left off, Aston returns to the planet Toris (still fully engulfed in a civil war)...


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T. M. Hunter
As a writer of science fiction novels and short stories, T. M. Hunter has appeared in such publications as Ray Gun Revival, Residential Aliens, Golden Visions Magazine and Lorelei  More...
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