The Story Behind This Book
Looking at the many challenges I have faced and the challenges I continue to face as the wife of a law enforcement offi cer, I am so amazed at all God has done in my marriage. We face such unique marital circumstances in law enforcement, yet God’s word stands true for all marriages. I know God’s hand has brought me and my marriage to where it is today and I know my journey will continue. I am honored to say I am an offi cer’s wife, and I embrace my husband’s calling. I am married to a peacekeeper and know that God is his shield of protection, because I leave my husband in God’s hands. My role as a wife was not something I thought of as important in the beginning of my marriage, but now I see the calling in it. My journey will continue till I take my last breath. I know that being married to an officer was no accident; it prewritten by my maker. Being a wife on duty means many things, and perseverance is one of them. I believe that nothing can separate what God has joined together. Everyone’s marriage is precious and I hold mine dear to my heart. As written in Songs of Solomon, I found the one my soul loves, and I will not let him go. As you read my story and journey, remember that God is a God who sees everything and that because of him, we can be certain of a prosperous future.


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Allison Uribe
Allison P. Uribe is the wife of a San Antonio Police officer. She and her husband have three beautiful children, two boys and a little girl. She is a graduate from Providence High  More...