Another Rumble
Publisher : Blaq Rayven Publications
The everyday hustle in the streets of the seven cities as it pertains to Milton “Milk” Woodhouse comes to a halt as he recovers from the gun shot wound that almost claimed his life. Milk’s most recent brush with death forces him to re-evaluate not only his street credibility, but also his relationship with estranged ex-wife, Sabrina Wright, whom soon finds out that the grass is not always greener on the other side. Old scores are settled with new vendettas on the horizon which ignites the fire for Another Rumble!

The Story Behind This Book
The sequel to A Rumble in VA

Rayven Skyy
Rayven Skyy, born and raised in the state of Virginia and the mother of two children, currently resides in Virginia Beach, VA. Rayven has embarked on writing several short storie More...
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