A Hero's Rise
Publisher : lulu.com
Malum City, the largest city in the world, has become a symbol for humanity's greed, violence, and corruption. Constant criminal activity has kept people on edge and the police to busy to keep up, so when a sixteen year old boy picks the city up on his back, hope has been lifted. But dwelling below the city, long since feeding off the innocent blood that's been spilled, an army race of people known as the Utopians want to erase modern civilization from existence and rebuild a utopia in its stead. Only the most naive, incorruptible heart could stand against such a force, and protect the undeserving citizens of Malum.


The Story Behind This Book
The protagonist, 'Coolkid,' is a fragment of my imagination from when I was ten years old. Starting out as a happy-go-lucky crime fighting kid, Coolkid has become a tragic teenage figure that sacrifices everything for a world he has no place in.


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J.R. Mortellaro
23 year old beginning author. I am an accounting major in college, living in northeast Ohio. I enjoy writing hero fiction and wish to someday be a full time author.