Memoirs Of A Mom On The Edge - Part One - Martinis & Menopause
Publisher : Silver Shield (Dare Empire eMedia Productions)
Ever wondered how men develop temporary blindness when there are dirty dishes in the sink or children covered in goo? Ever questioned the legitimacy of stretch marks and saggy breasts as “badges of motherhood?” Ever cursed cottage cheese for its bland taste and resemblance to the cellulite hiding on the back of your thighs (how does consuming a food that looks like cellulite banish it?)? “Memoirs of a Mom on the Edge,” scrutinizes the conventional wisdom of ‘everything female’. Using her own life as a springboard, Loan takes on all the taboo topics, leaving no stone unturned. Welcome to the wonderful world of womanhood, Elizabeth Loan style. Buckle up, ladies. It’s going to be one helluva ride.


Elizabeth Loan
Elizabeth (E.B.) Loan was born and raised in the western suburbs, just outside great city of Chicago.
A mother of five, E.B. writes until the wee hours of the morning and trav More...
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