Age Of The Damned
Publisher : Silver Shield (Dare Empire eMedia Productions)
In the not so distant future, almost a whole generation is desecrated by the effects of the Great Democratic War.  The youth, who see the war’s cause as an old age mental sickness, soon rise to political power.  To wipe out the sickness, they must wipeout the elderly.  They create the 34th Amendment to the Constitution: the Retirement (or death) of all citizens over the age of 65.
B. A. Sans’ Age of the Damned follows the dramatic sequence of events that is the life of Officer Phil Simpson whose job it is to bring elderly fugitives to justice.  Battling the geriatric and his own personal demons, as well as finding an eerie connection to Edgar Allan Poe’s life and his own, he will soon find out that all destinies will end with the Age of the Damned.


About B.A Sans
B.A Sans
B. A. Sans is a renaissance man, switching between author, musician, teacher, and parent among many other duties.  His first published work was a children's story entitled A Grand More...