Once Again


By Salina Jivani

Publisher : Silver Shield (Dare Empire eMedia Productions)

ABOUT Salina Jivani

Salina Jivani
I'm a daughter, sister, wife and mother. When I have free time from all that (ha!), I'm a writer and editor. I work for a well-known financial institution as a lead copy editor and am a professional author of two published novels (currently working on my third).

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Nicole Turner has yearned for one thing her entire life—-love.
However, after a terrifying incident with the one and only man she trusts, Dario McKenzie, Nicole loses all faith in love and vows to never compromise her heart again. This tragic incident combined with her disturbing family secrets, her poor excuse of a marriage to a man she doesn't trust or like, the pressures from her father--a powerful politician--and her lack of purpose in life, turns Nicole into a bitter person she no longer recognizes.  until one day, Dario returns—-once again-—and vows to battle the secrets of Nicole’s past and their future together.
This sweet story proves there is hope for any couple whose love is strong enough to survive life's greatest challenges...