Blogging for Profits
Publisher : Fresh Publishing
Blogging for Profits is aimed at entrepreneurs looking to start their blogging business. 
Blogging has long been a hobby for many. With the advances in technologies seen over the past 10 years, blogging has become very easy and an extraordinary opportunity for people looking to start their own business from home, or looking to create a second income through a part-time job. 
Blogging For Profits aims to show you the ropes of blogging. 
Learn how to: 
* Research your markets 
* Design and develop your sites 
* Promote your business and your blogs 
* Keep within the laws 
* Raise funds to start up or expand your business


The Story Behind This Book
Finding advice about starting a blog is easy enough. Finding good, practical advice about starting a blogging business is slightly harder. Blogging for Profits aims to arm people looking to make a real business out of blogging. It deals with laws, tools, content, marketing, and more...


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Astrid Nicholls
Astrid Nicholls is a professional author and publisher. She lives on the Isle of Wight with her long time partner and their three children.