Overpaid, Over-sexed, and Over There
Publisher : SilverWood Books
Scarcely had we fallen into bed and closed our eyes after 'lights out' than we found ourselves being shaken awake and bawled at by a sergeant to "Moooove your asses …. NOW!"
I looked at my watch. It was 3.30 a.m. Feeling that some dreadful mistake had been made, I rolled over to get back to sleep again, a practice that failed to engender the NCO's sympathy.

A bemused Brit who served with the US Army in the 1950s recalls some of the humorous highlights of a life among the GIs: the 330lb New York Giants football hero with whom he shared a double bunk... the Polish asylum seeker who knew the Uniform Code of Military Justice by heart... the short-sighted and excitable Greek... the Virgin Islander who made a habit of dropping live hand grenades... the company master-sergeant who tended accidentally to call out his own name in morning assemblies...

And of course there's the author himself – who got the best job in the Army, complete with a Colt 45, eight rounds of live ammunition and permission to shoot anyone who got in his way.


Chris Holloway
Chris Holloway spent ten years as a resident in the United States, where, apart from two years' reluctant service in the armed forces, he worked at Cunard Line's North American hea More...