On the eve of the Second World war, Dr. Gerhard Denninger, a German archeologist is approached by infamous Grail seeker Otto Rahn who tells him a fantastic story of Templars, Church scandal, a long-buried manuscript, and the key to finding the famous lost treasure of the Cathars. In 1944, with the help of a group of American soldiers, Denninger continues his quest for the secret of the Cathar treasure. With dangers dogging them at every step, will they find what they’re seeking? And will they be prepared for the shocking discovery that awaits them?



Praise and Reviews

"Dan McNeil’s vivid description, compelling and lyrical prose will submerge you into a fascinating read with this page turning, fictional, and historical suspense. Emotional, charging and an excellent novel, which I highly recommend." - author, Selena Robbins


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Dan McNeil
Dan McNeil was born in Toronto, Ontario and grew up surrounded by books and music, ensuring a fondness for both. Currently, he works for a local television station and plays music  More...