Read With Me Pops Omnibus
Publisher : Inknbeans Press
Jim Burkett, author, photographer and grandfather, put his considerable talents together to create these wonderful Read With Me, Pops books. Now the first four adventures (My New Friends At the Zoo, Let's Go Exploring In the Backyard, Let's Go See Who Lives In the Sea and Lions, Tigers, Bears and More) are offered together as Fins, Fur & Feathers, a Read With Me, Pops omnibus. Over one hundred pages of photographs from wriggly caterpillars to the King of Beasts, and wonderful, engaging narrative just right for those moments when your little book lover says "Read with me, Pops."

Jim Burkett
Jim Burkett was born in a small coal mining town of West Virginia while his father was serving in Korea. Once his father returned, the family was transferred to Hawaii were they sp More...
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