The Well of Stars

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Michael Tresca

Publisher : Three Ravens Books

The Well of Stars

ABOUT Michael Tresca

Michael Tresca
Michael "Talien" Tresca is a game designer, author, communicator, and artist. Michael has authored numerous supplements and adventures for publishers of Open Game License and D20-compatible games, including AEG, MonkeyGod Enterprises, Goodman Games, Otherworld Creations, Priva More...



What if the fuzzy little fat guy decided to keep the ancient evil artifact instead of destroying it?  What if the elf, ranger, and dwarf were the bad guys? 

 When the world runs out of heroes, it turns to a necromanceress and her zombie servant, a one-eyed villainous prince and his incontinent pondscum dragon, and a rebellious captain of the guard to save Welstar.  These second-string heroes might just find love, life, and happiness along the way...if they survive!
"Michael Tresca has put together a remarkably fun and action-packed tale. This is a great debut fiction novel from a writer who has put out several successful D&D modules and a non-fiction book about gamers and gaming."