Braving the Blaze

Christian Books, Mystery & Thrillers, Romance

By Cindy Christiansen

Publisher : Secret Cravings Publishing

Braving the Blaze

ABOUT Cindy Christiansen

Cindy Christiansen
Cindy A. Christiansen writes sweet romance with comedy, suspense...and dogs! Here's what her books give you:   §  A clean read with no bedroom scenes or foul language. §  A tantalizing, fast-paced plot. §  A story without a lot of boring description. §  Down-to-earth heroes a More...


A wildfire volunteer is determined to stay single and become a veterinarian.  He didn't count on being assigned a pyrophobic woman or that accidents would follow her like wildfire.

Can he keep the flames of desire he reluctantly feels for her under control long enough to keep them and his yellow lab alive?

A serious fire which happened here in Utah sparked the idea for this story. During the fire, a family died on their own farm while moving irrigation sprinklers. Unable to comprehend how this could have happened, I conjured up this fictional plot. Throw in romance, phobias, a dog and some controversy over illegal immigrants...and you've got an exciting read.

"Braving the Blaze is a fine pick."  Midwest Book Reviews
"...delightful story full of courage, friendship, and romance that kept me glued to the pages." Anna Del C. Dye, Author
"...has a lot to offer the reader--and glimpses of human nature amidst the philosophy that issues are never all black or white." Debbie S.