Peace Tips for Life: Ideas and Inspiration for Personal Peace
Publisher : Unications Publishing
The answers for peace are inside us, and we can hear them when we're still enough to listen. The voice of God—the Holy Spirit—is continually revealing them to us. We need look no further than our heart. That's the overall message of this book. In it, Cynthia Legette Davis shares nearly 200 thought-provoking and often soul-stirring ideas and insights she has gained over the years through her own peace journey. If you find they ring true for you, too, pass them on, and feel free to add to the list with peace tips of your own. "Peace Tips for Life" is a book you'll want to keep near you to refer to time and time again, especially on those days when your soul needs a lift!

Cynthia Legette Davis
Cynthia Legette Davis is a nationally recognized writer and author who considers it her life's work to promote personal peace. As an entrepreneur, Cynthia creates and provides prod More...
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