Hope Is My Absolute, My Journey with Acute Monocytic Leukemia
Publisher : Volumes Publishing, Kitchener, Ontario
A courageous journey into the heart of one woman's most profoundly life-alterging passage.

The Story Behind This Book
A fierce and sensitive real story, which one connects with on many emotional levels. This novel resonates with clarity the harsh and yet enlightening discovery of one person's sense of mortality.

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Praise and Reviews
It's a remarkable story of an "unexpected journey" by a remarkable woman. My admiration for you is boundless.
We may never know why we were chosen to live our fate. However, we always have the courage to face it and the strength to conquer it.

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Alexandra Tesluk
I live in Toronto, Canada with my husband and family. In 2008, I published my memoir The Ashes of Innocence. Shortly after, I was diagnosed with AML leukemia. A highly personal de More...
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