VAALBARA: Visions and Shadows
Publisher : Twisted Core Press (November 30, 2012)
Aislinn is most definitely not just the "Weird Girl" everyone thought she was. Plagued by dreams so vivid she can barely breathe at times, she turns to Sid, her imaginary friend, for comfort. When a stranger appears in Aislinn's life and her dreams begin to unfold, she soon finds herself stepping through a mystical and haunting waterfall where on the other side waits a brand new destiny. As her real identity is finally unveiled, the future will become twice as hard now that Aislinn is Alchera... Vaalbara's lost princess.

With a handsome guardian named Raighne by her side, Alchera soon realizes that this new fate is not about saving a dying planet or an uncaring race; It is all about saving the "Chosen Ones" who hold the future of humanity in the palm of their hands. When Carter, the son of a monstrous immortal appears, the question of whether or not Alchera will lose her true self and succumb to the shadows that are threatening to suffocate her very soul hangs in the balance. Will the true love of her guardian be enough to save her or will the darkness that Carter carries with him be the end of Alchera's hope?

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“I sucked in every single word, and I would have also done it with 500 pages more. ” Dana Mueller | 2 reviewers made a similar statement

“I can't wait for the sequel so that I can continue Alchera and Raighne's journey!!! ” Tish O. | 1 reviewer made a similar statement

“And now I'll stop with the gushing... Just one more thing... PLEASE, go and buy that book if you haven't already! ” Nathalie W. | 1 reviewer made a similar statement

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Michelle Horst
Michelle A Horst lives in the quiet town of Alberton, South Africa with her husband and son. She writes both fiction and fantasy and reads just about any book she can get her hands More...
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