The Scariest Things, You CAN'T Imagine
Publisher : The Trouble With Roy Books
A shape-shifting demon torments children while their parents stand by. A widower haunted by the ghost of his wife tries to understand her requests. A baby stolen from his mother by gargoyles returns, full of hatred for the life he's led. A family of children raised by grave-robbing corpse stealers tries to discover a way out. An elderly man possesses the power of life and death in his retirement. These stories present images and people who will haunt your thoughts for a long time after you read them.

The Story Behind This Book
I first began writing horror years ago, when I saw a disappointing horror movie and said "I could write a better story than that." My wife said "So do it," and I did: The results are here, beginning with my first horror story, "The Deal."

Praise and Reviews
Author Patrick Dilloway writes: "These stories are really f***ing good. Put that blurb on the cover!"

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Briane Pagel
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