The Vampire Empress Chronicles: Caroline's Path
Publisher : PublishAmercia LLLP
Caroline Fantolini, the future vampire Empress whose destiny to rule the oldest vampire empire in Italy was set in motion before she drew her first breath and a plan to stop her reign before she knew it. This food critique from New York City must be reborn and overcome a great loss before she takes the throne. Primo Gozzoli, a sexy Italian vampire is charged with her protection and education. He has plans of his own to conquer more than just the throne as he ignites Caroline’s desire or will another love interest spoil his seductively sinister plan.

The Vampire Empress Chronicles: Caroline’s Path takes the reader into a mystical world within the human world. The storyline and concept takes on a level of excitement, passion, and shakes the evolutionary tree in the process.


A.S. Johnson
Author of the newly released romance novel "Orion".

A.S. Johnson, disabled veteran turned romance novel writer released her first romance novel “Orion” Dec More...
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