It's Always Spring Break Somewhere In The Galaxy
Publisher : Swooping Grizzly Publications
Follow the antics of The Misplaced, as they introduce the galaxy to rock and roll with Earth’s very first starship.

Nothing stops this hardrockin’ group as they explore outerspace, with an in-your-face attitude.

Join Dan, Lisa, Pony, Christine, and their new manager, the hive-being Bobbisocks, as they climb the charts, face deadly aliens bent on capturing the band, and discover “It’s always spring-break somewhere in the galaxy!”

If you love the inspired lunacy of Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett or William Goldman's Princess Bride, you ought to love the wild sci fi ride that It's Always Spring Break Somewhere In The Galaxy takes you on.

It's a rock and roll rollicking romp that's hilarious, has twists and dangers galore, and even a little romance, alien-style. It's one you'll read over and over again.

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