Sasha and the Magic Pen
Publisher : Mirror Publishing
Ages 8 and up!
Have you ever wished you could trace a friend from your favorite story and they would magically appear? "Sasha and the Magic Pen" is a short story about a ten year old girl named Sasha who accidently discovers the true magic of a pen she found buried in the school playground. After Sasha realizes that Ursa, the friend she drew from the story will not only vanish from every book, but the story will become a reality if she does not get her friend back into the story. Young readers will be entertained and surprised as the story unfolds in a way that no one could have imagined.


The Story Behind This Book
To entertain, engage, and create an image in the reader's mind to promote comprehension and keep them actively engage with the story.


Saragine Francois
I graduated with a Master's Degree in Literacy at Dowling College. I discovered my love for writing children's books at Suffolk Community College where I earned my Associate's De More...