Beautiful Disasters

General Fiction, Romance

By Dawn Jasper

Publisher : Pink Kiss Publishing

ABOUT Dawn Jasper

Dawn Jasper
Dawn Jasper is from Rembert, SC. After years of having writing as a hobby, she debuted her first novel "Beautiful Disasters" July 2011. She resides in Maryland with her family and is currently working on the "Hollywood Lives" series.


Let me tell you a story of love, passion, deceit, and betrayal; fantasy turned reality.Tell me....can you relate?

”I am perfectly imperfect, beautiful in my flaws, chaotic, fearless..a beautiful disaster”
Everything that glitters is not gold and every beautiful face has a story to tell…
…A product of rape, a motherless child, a woman full of hate …all she needs is a purpose. All Anika Connors ever wanted was to have things her way, by any means necessary. She was, in her mind, after all deserving of it after all the hardship she had experienced in her life. The more people upset her the more she wanted them to pay. From the lover who did her wrong to the men that brought disgrace to her family, she planned to get them back. But in the end is it all worth it? Does her path of destruction threaten her future…or will she do what she always does, destroy anyone who gets in her way?
…Teyanna Simmons has it all: brains, beauty, money and a secret life. When neither her husband nor lover could satisfy her insatiable appetite she resorts to a lifestyle that she will do anything to keep under wraps. But to what existent is she willing to go to keep her secret? And is she ready to suffer the consequences of her actions when she crosses the wrong people?
…David Walters had every man’s dream: his own lucrative business, a beautiful wife and an equally beautiful girlfriend. Paradise right? Not even close! Can he get rid of his wife and make his girlfriend her replacement or is he asking for more than he bargained for?

One night after posting different excerpts on Facebook, I got a phone call asking for the title of the book that I was posting in my notes. I told the person that it didn't have a title yet. I was told to quit playing around and just give her the title so she could pick it up at the library. When I told her that it was something I was writing for fun she didn't believe me. Nine months let my book was published ;-)

I give this book five stars!

It took me a little while to get into the book, but after I reached a certain point I just had to keep reading. Beautiful Disasters was a really good read. Anika was off the chain with some of the things that she did, in the name of "love". This was not your typical fairy tale love novel by any means, yet the book took us on a such roller-coaster ride of her life, things that dealt with family issues as well as various relationship issues. Dawn Jasper did a great job with this one and by the way the book ended I sure hope that there is going to be a part 2 because it left me hanging ....wanting to know what else was going to happen next in Anika's life! I would recommend this book to my family and friends!!

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