Publisher : Black Leaf Publishing

When Jessica Bryant pesters her wealthy parents to allow her to have a dog as a pet the answer is a resounding "No"; but they soon come to regret their decision when their home is broken into one evening whilst they are out and their daughter kidnapped and held for ransom. The kidnappers, in the form of four incompetent characters wearing Disneyland-type masks, take her hostage and keep her incarcerated in a place from which there appears no escape. However, they have not reckoned without the resourcefulness of our heroine and the courage of a wonderful stray dog who comes to her aid and whom she names 'Murdo'. And so begins an exciting and humurous accounting of the couples' adventures together as they consistently foil and outwit the abductors whilst on the run together.
This is a lovely story of the friendship between as girl and a dog, bringing out the themes of responsibility, camaraderie, redemption, salvation and self sacrifice. It includes some wonderful dialogue sequences as Jessica teaches her new four-legged friend how to communicate with her, with additional delightful conversations between the animals when a rabbit and a sparrow join forces with them in an effort to outwit the kidnappers and restore Jessica safely back to her parents' home.   

The Story Behind This Book
The book started as a bedtime story for my daughter Rachelle.

Praise and Reviews
Favuorable reviews in the Lurgan Mail, Ulster Talter, Dog News Newspaper,  The Belfast Telegraph and the childrens publications NI4Kids.

Edward Johns
Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, England is the birth place of new writer Edward Johns, currently working as part of the flight crew with an Airline based in Northern Ireland. Havi More...
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