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A Veil Recipe 
3 clueless college students 
1 magical dimension 
1 Warrior Princess 
A pinch of danger 
Take three clueless college students, mix in a tobacco field. Combine one magical dimension and stir in a defiant Warrior Princess. Throw in a pinch of danger and slow cook until steaming. 
Invite five angry deities. Open and serve your new heap of trouble. 


The Story Behind This Book
This novel took seven years to complete and bring out for the readers. It is also my tribute to one of my favorite genres of all time - fantasy.

Praise and Reviews

Tampa Bay Examiner

Reviewer: David Roth
Rating: 4.5/5 stars

“I have just finished Moonbeams, which the writer tells me is book one of a trilogy, and I’m here to tell you that with this offering, the Inverness, Florida writer and single mother of two can, in this reviewer’s opinion, be honestly and favorably compared to a young Ann McCaffrey! If I need to be more specific than that for you, pay attention TOR, Penguin, Random House, Bantam, Earthlight, etc. This is the coming out party, and this is your chance to pick up a smoking hot new Sci-fi/Fantasy writer.” [Full Review]

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Lakisha Spletzer
I'm an indie author who began writing at the
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