The Flying Phone Booth
Publisher : LHDJ Content, Inc.
Come back to the sixties.  Come back to televisions golden years.  Come meet Mister Candid Camera himself, Allen Funt.  Come find out how to work with a manic depressive boss.  Figure out how to live with a different personality every day.  Laugh with the crew shooting candid sequences. Climb aboard The Flying Phone Booth and come inside the world of America's top rated comedy show, Come and learn what makes people Smile for the Candid Camera. Kindle eBook $4.77  Paperback $19.98 

The Story Behind This Book
I was Director Producer of Candid Camera for three years. In the mid sixties I left to join Marvin H. Sugarman in his sports television business. Over the years we were together I told him stories about my Candid Camera days, he would say, "Louie, write the book." So, when Marvin was called to the great TV Network in the sky I wrote the book. Come back to the sixties and meet Mr. Candid Camera himself, Allen Funt and discover the laughs, the sweat, the pain it takes to produce a comedy show when the boss changes his personality every day!


Louis Tyrrell
I have been a Television Producer Director writer since the golden years of television.  After 10 years at ABC I went in in the kid show business with Pip the Piper (3 years on AB More...