Have you ever questioned the premise of your religious faith? Tommy Rodriguez certainly has. In fact, he is no stranger to questioning conventional wisdom. Having spent most of his adult life contemplating over such things, Rodriguez learned a thing or two about his religion that eventually sent him spiraling down a path of dissension and doubt. His first book entitled, "Diaries of Dissension", proposes the question... is religion a legitimate source truth? Rodriguez embarks on a self illuminating quest to answer this question, and many more, while in the midst of it all find purpose and meaning in life, without relying so wholeheartedly on the convictions of religious dogma.

Currently a student at UMUC in pursuit of a Master's Degree in Bioinformatics, Rodriguez understands the true importance of scientific literacy and skeptical inquiry in relation to questions about our origins and identity. Whether, on the basis of morality, history or science, this book pursues the ambitious task of taking on the tenets of religion and God in order to resolve humanity's most profound questions, while invoking a few surprising twists that Rodriguez foresees as an inescapable predicament to religious faith.

Praise and Reviews

Exremely challenging!, February 25, 2011

After reading this book I'm left with tons of challenging arguments and evidences. Rodriguez goes toe-to-toe with religion using reason, logic, history and science to give religion a punch in the face. He talks about the inconsistencies of intelligent design and flaws that are in the Bible and the Quran. If your looking for a great argument/debate when it comes to religion and God(s), then look no further. If your a pious person, be prepared to be challenged because Rodriguez comes from all angles making solid, hard-core points. For the science lovers, the author's scientific research is accurate, in-depth and meticulously done.

Very insightful, February 17, 2011

The author obviously did his homework and research. The book is captivating and if read with an open mind will really open your eyes to facts and possibilities you may have formed unrealstic opinions about in the past. Even if you are of devot faith I reccomend you read this novel without reservation or bias. I promise the book will leave you scratching your head and wondering what if he's right?

A compelling argument, and a interesting point of view.,February 17, 2011

I recommend this book to the modern day intellect, which challenges the foundation of religion and seeks truth in science and logic; Dairies of Dissension is easy to read and portrays interesting points of view from author Tommy Rodriguez. I truly recommend this book, fun reading.


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Tommy Rodriguez is no stranger to questioning conventional wisdom. Having spent most of his life overcoming his own internal demons, Tommy learned a thing or two about his religion More...