Publisher : Wintertree Press
Robert and Irene McCuller had given their all to turn an old barn into a great summer stock theatre.  They were prepared for opposition from the town's ruling bluebloods, but nothing could prepare them for a perfomance rehearsed in hell.
Will Cable, once famous, now a has-been.  he lived the history of American stage, screen, radio and television.  Almost everyone thought he was dead.
The child Raches has been dead for well over a hundred years.  Has she returned as a guiding spirit, playful ghost, or revengeful demon.
These are the fetured players as the curtain rises on a deadly drama at the Valley Forge Playhouse.


Lee Berkes
Been writing for over 50 years and can't be stopped.  Don't know how not to write.  Pulitzer prize winner William Luce found my work to be "fascinating reading."  I've More...